Facts about talking in the sleep


Sleeping is a vital process in our body. We need to sleep to revive our daily work. Without comfortable and sufficient sleep you can’t do a job efficiently in the office or at your workplace. Many see persons with talking habit in the sleeping. There is some common question like why do we talk during sleep and many more. The person who is speaking in the sleep may be feeling of telling someone in the room. The medical word for this habit of speaking is somniloquy. When it happens, we start thinking that the person may be affected by his mental condition.

We generally call it a psychological problem. This was also taken as an abnormal behavior while asleep. But the fact is this is a misconception about the issue. Yes it is a little disorder which can happen to anyone, but there is nothing dangerous about it sleeps talking maybe happened to due to some factors mentioned below.



Extra stress in life

Stress this word when coming into mind we start thinking about hectic schedule of work in the offices .it is one of the major issues which can affect our sleep some has an extra burden of work and they continue thinking about the work and eventually start talking in the rest.

Health problems

It is also due to health problems. So,if it regularly happens to you should consult your doctor and try to overcome from the health issues


This is also one factor which causes sleep talking. Many people get a high fever and start talking in sleep.


From this, we can easily eradicate our sleep talking. There are various types of medication available in the market. If you take regular medicine for that problem, you may get an improved result


So finally, we can say that sleep talking is not a big issue, but we should do measures to remove from sleeping.